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Œil Sympathique



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The electro-acoustic resonator Œil Sympathique from Elaphon is a coupling of an acoustic sound body with resonance strings and a loudspeaker. It is designed for the playback of electronic sound sources.


The resonance body of the Œil Sympathique is used as a non-linear membrane of the loudspeaker and produces a sound full of wood and character. At the same time, the sympathetic strings are stimulated to resonate and add a natural overtone spectrum to the electronic sound material. The clou - only the strings resonate whose sound material is actually played. This creates the original sound of the Œil Sympathique - a non-linear loudspeaker that adds body and velvet to electronic sounds - wood, sustain and a natural overtone spectrum.


The resonator is made entirely of solid wood of the finest quality, handcrafted to measure. All components used are branded products of the highest quality. Each object is unique!


The name Œil Sympathique is a tribute to Maurice Martenot, who created acoustic resonators for his Ondes Musicales in the early days of electronic music.



Manual Print

Notes on printing

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